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Parent Partnership

We recognise the importance of a parent partnership therefore we endeavour to build the best relationships to guarantee excellent two-way communication to ensure our standard of service remains high.

Parents are consulted on all issues that affect the welfare, well-being, learning and development of their children. We ensure that a child’s key person shares information about their care and development on a regular basis. In addition our senior management are always available.

As well as our personal approach we provide a detailed online parent account and monthly newsletter to ensure parents remain up-to-date.


The Early Years Foundation Stage sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.

29th September 2014

New child settling in sessions

Once a child has a place confirmed, a number of settling in sessions will be arranged with the management and key person, to ensure that the child has a smooth transition into nursery life.

During these sessions, parents will be required to complete documentation including medical, feeding and sleep patterns.

1st September 2014

Parents to stay and play

Stay and play sessions are organised at the nursery for you to observe and/or participate in your children's activities.

31st August 2014

Learning journeys

Every child is supported with a learning experience planned from the child's starting point, their activities are challenging yet achievable so that they can continue to enjoy learning.

Your child's key person will be sensitive to the individual development of your child to ensure that the activities they undertake are suitable for the stage that they have reached.

Practitioners will therefore complete on-going observational assessment in their Learning Journeys each month to inform planning for each child's continuing development through play-based activities. The records are shared with parents regularly and include parental involvement at every stage.

30th August 2014