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Pre School

Age: 36-60 months

Our Preschool teaches children everything they need to enable them to successfully transition into primary school.

In Preschool a child’s curiosity is at an all-time high as they happily explore and investigate the world around them - seeking answers to the perpetual question ‘Why?’ Children continue to learn through play and are encouraged to try new things.

The development of social skills is continuing, and staff support children starting to understand how to engage with others - taking time and sensitively supporting difficult concepts such as sharing. Children will be surrounded by numbers, letters, storytelling, culture, songs and rhymes whilst their speech and vocabulary will be advancing.

Children feel secure when they have a routine: we support this through event sequencing - e.g. tidy up time, hand washing, songs around the lunch table, story time etc. Provision is made for rest time, if it is needed, although children start to grow out of it in Preschool.

We support children’s developing skills within the structure of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. We look at both the Characteristics of Effective Learning as well as Prime and Specific Areas of Learning to support children during their time with us.