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Registering / securing childcare
• Places are subject to availability
• Parent/carer registers online portal
• Terms of childcare are agreed, online portal
• Places are secure until written cancellation

Funded childcare
When you child is eligible for a funded place you will be required to sign related terms and conditions which also set out our wrap around fees relating to services used outside that of the free entitlement hours.

Changing pre-booked & ad-hoc childcare
Day swaps are not available however extra sessions outside that of core bookings are available and can be obtained on an ad-hoc basis. These are booked directly with the Manager in advance of the requested date. Sessions are subject to availability.


Payment terms and options
All fees are charged monthly in advance and must be paid by; Cash, Direct Debit, Childcare Voucher or Tax Free Childcare on the first of the month to which they relate. Childcare Vouchers are required to be set up to ensure we are in receipt of the funds on or before the first day of the month to which they relate. Late payments will be subject to a surcharge of £10 per 24 hours to cover administration costs.

Fees are payable during all periods of your child's absence where childcare has been agreed. This is not an exclusive list however examples of absences include sickness (Inc. COVID-19 confirmed and/or self-isolation), inset days, family holidays and public and bank holidays.

Late collection
If you collect your child beyond the agreed collection time or after our normal operating hours have closed you be subject to a surcharge of £5 per 15 minutes. Late fees must be settled prior to your child's next attendance.

Cancellation, refund, credit

Cancelling childcare
We require 6 weeks’ notice by email, e) to cancel or reduce your agreed childcare sessions.

If you are taking up a funded only place under the EYFE (Early Years Free Entitlement) you are not required to give any notice.

We do not offer refunds/credits for
• Child sickness
• Parent/carer sickness
• Child COVID-19 diagnosis/self-isolation
• Parent/carer COVID-19 diagnosis/self-isolation
• Setting COVID-19 closure/self-isolation
(due to child/staff/parent/carer)
• Enforced local/UK lockdown (COVID-19)
• By order of Government, Local Authority or Environmental Health (COVID-19)

Urgent setting closure

The following factors may force an urgent closure of ABC Nursery. In such cases parents/ carers will still be liable for fees incurred during the period of our closure.

• Severe weather • Building damage • Power cut • Heating failure • Staff sickness • Act of terrorism • COVID-19 (due to child/staff/parent/carer) • by order of Government, Local Authority or Environmental Health.

In the event of a forced closure we will notify parents/ carers via the email registered within their online portal as soon as possible.