First time users


Admissions & Payment

To register your child for a place at ABC NURSERY you are required to complete a registration form. A £50.00 non-refundable registration fee is required at the time of interest to secure a place. This does not guarantee a start date, however we will endeavor to meet your needs.

Funded childcare
When you child is eligible for a funded place you will be required to sign related terms and conditions which also set out our wrap around fees relating to services used outside that of the free entitlement hours.

Payment terms and options
All fees are charged monthly in advance and must be paid by either Cash, Direct Debit, Childcare Voucher or Tax Free Childcare on the first of the month to which they relate. Childcare Vouchers are required to be set up to ensure we are in receipt of the funds on or before the first day of the month to which they relate.

Fees are payable during all periods of absence including sickness, inset days and public and bank holidays. Day swaps are not available.

Additional childcare
Extra sessions outside that of core bookings are often available and can be obtained on an ad-hoc basis. These are booked directly with the management. These sessions are subject to availability.

Late collection
Parents/carers collecting children late from the setting will be subject to a surcharge of £5 past our closing time (1800). Charges are made every 15 minutes or part thereof.

Sharing information

We have a duty of care to ensure that any significant concerns about the children in our care are reported to the local authority and where appropriate Ofsted. We may consider any incident or observation of a child where we deem the child may have been or may be in the future at risk either physically or emotionally. In exceptional cases this may be done without the prior knowledge of the parent/carer until we have sought external advice.

Cancelling childcare

We require 6 weeks’ notice in writing, e) to cancel or reduce childcare sessions. This is applicable both prior to starting and during your time with us.

Parents/carers taking up a funded only place under the EYFE (Early Years Free Entitlement) is not required to give notice.

Urgent closure of the setting

ABC Nursery understands that the urgent closure of its setting will be extremely disruptive to it's customers therefore a decision to close (or open/close outside of the normal operating times) will only be made by management if one or more of the following events occurs;

  • Severe weather conditions

  • Insufficient staff, due to severe weather

  • Insufficient staff, due to sickness

  • Heating failure

  • Premises deemed unsafe

  • Notification of a closure
    Parents/carers will be notified by parentmail.

    ABC Nursery, in these circumstances, will not be held responsible therefore prebooked childcare will be charged.